10K Race Details and Qualifications

This race is the length of Horsetooth Reservoirin the foothills on the West side of Fort Collins. Swimmers (and paddlers) will start at Satanka Bay (north end) and swim to South Bay swim beach. The start will be in the water. The finish will be near the South swim beach either in or out of the water. The finish will be designated by the race committee prior to the start of the race. Last minute changes may be required by conditions of the reservoir level.


The 10K event is open to all United States Masters Swmming (USMS) registered swimmers, and approved USA Swimming swimmers (once sanctioned by USA Swimming). To register, swimmers must meet the following requirements.

USMS swimmers who have not previously completed the Horsetooth 10K Swim are required to obtain approval prior to registration from George Thornton or Joe Bakel by describing their past experience in long distance open water swimming and how they will prepare to swim 10K at approximately 5400 feet (1700 meters) in 62 to 70° F (16 to 21°C) water.

USAS swimmers who have not previously completed the Horsetooth 10K Swim are required to obtain approval. Additional details will become available upon sanctioning. USA Swimming suit details.

We require approval for safety reasons. See the FAQ for description of the challenges of this event. Describe how you will meet these challenges.


Swimmers must wear the race swim cap.

All USMS Long Distance rules apply. USMS rules available here. Exceptions and clarifications are listed below:

Unlike many open water events, the Horsetooth 10K Swim allows no drafting except where unavoidable at the start. If flagrant drafting is observed, that swimmer will be disqualified.

Swimsuit Definition
USMS swimwear rules apply. USMS rules available here. The swimsuit rules are in a state of flux. Please check the website as the race approaches for the latest rules. In addition to this list, the Horsetooth Swim has the following restriction: both men and women are allowed suits that go to just above the knees (jammer style) and may cover the shoulders as long as it is not made from material that gives floatation or traps air. Torso-type suits are legal. No wetsuits allowed in the 10K race.


First, second and third place men and women will receive a trophy.
A traveling trophy, The Turner Cup, is awarded to the first man and first woman finisher.


Saturday, August 9, 2014 (Swimmers & Paddlers):
5:00 pm - Check in for all swimmers and paddlers
5:30 pm - Pre-Race Dinner

Location: TBA

Join us for comradery and information at the Pre-Race Dinner. This event is MANDATORY for first time 10K swimmers and those who have requested an organizer supplied paddlers. Come meet your fellow swimmers and paddlers. The dinner is a great time to:

Sunday, August 10, 2014
5:00 am - Buses start loading at south end swim beach

5:30 am - Buses leave south end swim beach with swimmers and paddlers

6:00 am - Buses arrive at north end, Satanka Cove, boats unloaded, swimmers are body marked and checked in.

6:30 am Paddler and Swimmer Meetings (final update on race course, rules and conditions). Last minute changes may be reequired depending on conditions of the reservoir.

6:45 am Paddlers enter water and move into place

6:50 am Swimmers may enter water for warm-up

7:00 am Race start from the north end Satanka Cove

11:00 am Awards Ceremony at the South end swim beach

12 noon All swimmers off the water

Pledge Program

A portion of the The Team Fort Collins Horsetooth Open Water Swim registration fee is just one of the ways Team Fort Collins raises money to fund programming.

We need your help to raise even more funds. Please check the pledge option when you register online, and help us continue to the fight against drug and alcohol abuse. Learn more about the pledge program.

Updated January 30, 2014

Registration and Fee Deadlines

2014 registration fees and deadlines to be announced by April 1, 2014

$30 – Organizer-provided paddler/craft (limited to first 25 USMS swimmers that request and pay)**

$12 - USMS One Event registration (18 and over)*

$5 – Each additional dinner guest

The fees cover safety (Dive Rescue, EMTs), t-shirt, awards, dinner for you. A significant portion is a donation in support of Team Fort Collins.

*The USMS One Event regitration is required if you are not a member of United States Masters Swimming (USMS). This one-day fee covers insurance requirements for the race. No one will be allowed to swim without proof of membership or having paid the one-day fee.

**Organizers will provide up to 25 paddlers w/craft on a first come/first serve basis for USMS swimmers that request and pay. A waitlist will be established if more than 25 requests are received. Send mail to 10kinfo@horsetoothswim.com for more information.